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Formed in New York City, DeMille is the slick, soulful brainchild of Rachel Altounian. Returning home after graduating from the music program at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, Rachel initially turned to Craigslist to recruit a band. But at the urging of soon-to-be drummer Daniel Bloch, she began the ...

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Phillipe Roberts
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DeMille share "Revelate", the second single from their debut album, Go!

New York based lounge-pop band DeMille has shared their second single "Revelate", a fiery new track that combines razor sharp funk riffs and dreamy lounge pop in a perfect encapsulation of what the band does best. Caught in a moment of ecstatic inspiration, vocalist Rachel Altounian's wide-eyed serenade melts into your ears right out of the gate as the band powers through the verse's formidable pocket before smashing into the chorus in a shower of stardust. It's a victory lap tour that shows off DeMille's psychic musical chemistry at work.