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Formed in New York City, DeMille is the slick, soulful brainchild of Rachel Altounian. Returning home after graduating from the music program at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, Rachel initially turned to Craigslist to recruit a band. But at the urging of soon-to-be drummer Daniel Bloch, she began the ...

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DeMille release debut album, 'Go!'

New York-based pop quartet DeMille make their full-length debut with Go!, out everywhere October 26. Frontwoman Rachel Altounian anchors DeMille's sound with her effortlessly smooth vocals that melt into your ears while the band combines razor sharp funk riffs with dreamy lounge pop. It's a victory lap tour that shows off DeMille's psychic musical chemistry at work. With just five days of studio access, DeMille flew down to St. Augustine, FL to record the album at a blistering pace. Caught between the deserted shoreline and the humid suburban landscape, the sessions flew by blissfully, and the band emerged with a brilliant 11-song collection that perfectly reflects the sheer joy and undeniable musical connection poured into its grooves. 

Rachel Altounian weaves her soulful, yet dreamy voice around a surprisingly eclectic collection of songs spun with effortless grace by her talented backing band. Singles “Revelate” and “You’ve Been Found” revel in soft-focus nostalgia, coloring outside of the margins of a love-lorn diary in an explosion of funky color.

Like Hiatus Kaiyote or Charlotte Day-Wilson, these tracks glow with a vibrant and entrancing energy, radiating pure joy through lively, challenging arrangements while Rachel digs back into her past with shameless honesty. As a working unit, the band’s creativity extends to pillowy, multi-tracked vocal ambience on “First Love” and even candy-coated indie rock on early highlight “Trouble.”

“In five short days we got to record 5 years of my life. We were relatively new to each other, personally and musically. It was the first step we had made together as a band, and it has been a beautiful baseline to build off of as we’ve developed our live show and started to create new material. Go! perfectly captures a moment where we got to build this diary-like compilation of songs. I’m so proud to put it out and can’t wait for what the future holds!”  - Rachel Altounian

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